The independent Italian research group at Corvelva have analyzed the contents of vaccine vials on the market with concerning results. The results of their first tests have passed peer review and have been published. Their announcement can be found here:

. . . the first major issue that we found ourselves having to investigate was the abnormal amount of human DNA found in the vaccines analyzed.

In that first investigation, they examined the contents of GSK’s measles-mumps-rubella-varicella, Priorix, which is not yet used in the United States, but demonstrates human DNA fragments contaminate some vaccines. Merck’s US MMR II and MMRV also have components cultured in fetal cells, and thus are also contaminated with fetal DNA, as are several other vaccines now in use in the United States, in amounts that are not yet known, and may vary per vial.

Corvelva explains:

The contaminating fetal DNA present in all the samples analyzed in variable quantities (therefore uncontrolled) is up to 300 times higher than the limit set by the EMA for carcinogenic DNA (10 ng / dose, corresponding to the DNA contained in about 1000 cancer cells, obtained on the basis of a statistical calculation, while the precautionary limit is 100 pg / dose) limit which must necessarily be applied also to the fetal DNA that inevitably contaminates the Priorix Tetra.

Corvelva’s other investigations into the contents of vaccine vials on the market also found:

  • contaminating genetic material
  • missing antigens (those that the vaccine was supposed to protect against)
  • APDB (illegal amphetamine) in Gardasil 9
  • human and mouse DNA
  • Adventitious viruses (L1 fragment of the HPV virus of double-chain DNA; Phages; Molluscum contagiosum virus)
  • Retrovirus: Murine leukemia virus; Saccharomyces
  • Human endogenous retrovirus K;
  • Avian leukosis virus;
  • HERV-H / env62. 

More information on these investigations can be found on Corvelva’s Vaccinegate Summary Page. We share their important research to demonstrate that SCPI is not the only organization which has found contaminating human cell fragments in vaccines.