Our President and Founder, Dr. Theresa Deisher Ph.D., has over 30 years of pharmaceutical research and leadership experience. She discovered adult cardiac derived stem cells, has worked on their therapeutic uses as an alternative to human fetal DNA, and leads a team of scientists at AVM Biotechnology dedicated to changing what a diagnosis of cancer, autoimmunity, or chronic infectious disease means to patients and their loved ones. As a result of this work, Dr. Deisher is named as an inventor on over 47 patents. Under her leadership, the SCPI organization:

  • Studies the health and pathologic consequences of residual fetal human DNA, cellular debris, and retroviruses in medicines;

  • Promotes awareness about the widespread use of fetal human material in drug discovery, development and commercialization, and the rights of every consumer to know what is in their products, including residual human DNA;

  • Supports the gains made in adult stem cell research;

  • Conducts research into alternative treatments and products which are ethically acceptable.


Theresa Deisher Ph.D.

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Understanding that many have been hard hit financially by the continued and repeated lockdowns, we would like to ask those who are able to continue to donate to support our efforts at Sound Choice. Your generous donations allow us to do the research and advocacy in highlighting the dangers of the use of aborted fetal material in the manufacture of vaccines and other biologics and products. We are grateful for your help.