Reveal the Truth

Dr. Theresa Deisher, the founder of Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute, speaks nationally about the practices among the biomedical community that commoditize the remains of aborted fetuses for biomedical research.  This practice now contaminates not only academic research and vaccine production, but has recently infected the cosmeceutical and food & beverage industries. Dr. Deisher is also sought out as a speaker who tells the truth about stem cell research so that all audiences can be empowered to seek safe, effective and affordable adult stem cell therapies.  Sound Choice publishes a quarterly newsletter that will; i) keep you up-to-date on adult stem cell clinical advances, ii) answer your questions about WHY scientists are obsessed with embryonic stem cells, iii) explain the economics that enticed pharmaceutical companies to produce vaccines in aborted fetal cell lines, iv) share the research that indicts the use of aborted fetal vaccines as a trigger for the autism epidemic, and v) make sure you know about safe and ethically alternatives so you can protect the health of your children and loved ones.

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