December 2013

SCPI highlights:  SCPI spurred stem cell scientists to go ‘ethical’. To view the December 2013 newsletter click here

1) The Washington Times acknowledges : Scientists went ‘ethical’ in 2013 : Embryonic stem cell hotbeds like California and Maryland have transferred funding for embryo destroying research to truly life saving adult stem cell research.

2) SCPI stands for families afflicted by regressive autism as an expert witness in multiple cases.

3) SCPI has raised awareness of human trafficking for biomedical purposes. Look for more awareness and partnering on this issue in 2014.

4) SCPI has moved to a new lab & office space at 1749 Dexter Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109. Our past location is being demolished to build a new medical office building. Come visit us at our new site if you are in the area.

September 2013

Vets won’t use embryonic stem cells because they aren’t safe. To view the September 2013 newsletter click here.

1) Sound Choice is moving to a new location!

2) Veterinarians won’t use embryonic stem cells. Find out why!

3) A courageous WI legislator, Andre Jacque, has introduced a bill to ban aborted fetal research.

4) Sound Choice is hosting screenings of EGGSPLOITATION and CRESCENDO to celebrate Respect Life Month!

June 2013

Did you know that some vaccines are made using aborted fetal cells? To view the June 2013 newsletter click here. 

1)    Did you know that some vaccines are made using aborted fetal cells?    

2)    Did you know that those vaccines are contaminated with DNA, cellular debris, and in some cases, a retrovirus from the aborted fetus?

3) Our newsletters can keep you informed and up-to-date. Please read the whole newsletter so you don’t miss anything that you might want to know.

Easter 2013

Why are so many children sick? To view the the Easter 2013 newsletter click here.

1. The CDC reports autism spectrum disorders now afflict 1 in 50 US children

2. The federal lawsuit to stop the illegal use of taxpayer dollars to fund embryonic stem cell research lost the Supreme Court battle but may have won the war.

3. Remember to register online for our first annual fundraising dinner! We are looking forward to seeing you there.

December 2012

Eliminating aborted fetal toxins in daily commercial products. To view the December 2012 newsletter click here. 

1) Highlights of 2012 : adult stem cell advances, alternatives for the use of aborted fetal cell lines in commercial products, and new data on the fetal vaccines connection to autism disorder.

September 2012

Sound Choice Uncovers More Data Linking Aborted Fetal Vaccines to Autism. To view the September 2012 newsletter click here.

1.) Sound Choice has uncovered more evidence linking aborted fetal manufactured vaccines and autism disorder
2.) Tobacco lawyers are suing for poor food labeling but don’t care about poor vaccine labeling

June 2012

We can make a difference! Pepsi Co surrenders and stop using fetal cell lines for flavor enhancers. To view the June 2012 newsletter click here.

1) PepsiCo Surrenders and Stops Using Aborted Fetal Cells
2) Regressive autism linked to hundreds of de novo mutatations

March 2012

The use of aborted fetuses for biomedical research is worldwide. To view the March 2012 newsletter click here.

1) Sound Choice sparks reporters to reveal international trade in aborted fetuses
2) Sound Choice pioneers first ever professional society for socially responsible biomedical research

December 2011

Fetal commoditization has spread to our cosmetics and food. To view the December 2011 newsletter click here.

1) Cosmetic and Food & Beverage Industry Jump on the Aborted Fetal Exploitation Wagon
2) Geron axes its entire embryonic stem cell program

September 2011

Adult stem cells: morally sound, safe, effective, and affordable. To view the September 2011 newsletter click here.

1) Sound Choice extracts the truth from embryonic stem cell proponents who admit that adult stem cells are here and now working and helping people