Posted on July 28, 2017

From those who do not question…

On April 21, 2015 the paper “Autism Occurrence by MMR Vaccine Status among US Children with Older Siblings with and without Austim” on the JAMA network ( concludes that “Receipt of the MMR vaccine was not associated with increased risk of ASD regardless of whether older siblings have ASD.”  We at Sound Choice say “Not so fast!”  We know that it is not MMR specifically, but the human fetal contaminants in the MMR that are associated with autism.  Since the authors did not analyze any of the other human fetal contaminated vaccines like all hepatitis A containing vaccines, the Pentacel vaccine and Varivax (for chickenpox), they did not actually do a study worth reporting.

There is a clear disconnect between the public, evenly divided perception that accepts the direct association between MMR vaccines and autism and the scientific community that has neglected to look into the actual association of human fetal contaminants with. Human fetal cell line manufactured vaccines are heavily contaminated with residual human fetal DNA fragments, and in some cases retroviral fragments. These contaminants are known to be able to trigger autoimmune reactions as well as mutations in genes. MMRII is ONLY one of many vaccines manufactured in human fetal cell lines. No study has ever tested the link between human fetal manufactured vaccines and autism, other than the studies done by Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute, which demonstrate ecologic, epidemiologic, biologic and dose-dependent associations between human fetal manufactured vaccines and autism.

On this occasion, let us bring up the op-ed piece written on September 11, 2014 by Simcha Fischer, a mother of ten, a self-described “blabbermouth”. She attacked Sound Choice’s published study based on her three so-called “red flags”. Simcha’s first red flag is her imagination of Sound Choice’s intention to sell products for profit rather than to expose the truth. Simcha “imagined” that if a study “show that product X will make your children sick. But I’ve developed product Y, which will keep your children healthy, and I’ll be selling it soon. What would your first thought be? Would you assume that his studies about product X are reliable and objective? Or would you take a closer look?” In fact, Sound Choice has never imagined “manufacturing a vaccine” but promised to “conduct research and product development, including alternate cell lines for vaccine production” as one of its missions.

Simcha continues to contradict her first point by asking for an alternative vaccine on her second “flag”: “Show me an effective alternative, and I’ll use it with gratitude. But don’t tell me that God will not allow us to make good come out of evil.” If Simcha had looked at Sound Choice’s mission statement, she would understand that Sound Choice is not a religious organization, but a research institute that applies scientific methods to end human trafficking and exploitation for the purposes of biomedical research and development of commercial products. In other words, Sound Choice, as a non-profit institution, would not provide alternative vaccines but ONLY support research for other entities that share the same values. More fundamentally, Simcha has forgotten that ONLY God can make good come out of evil.  Humans cannot.

To those who blame Thimerasol in vaccines as the cause of autism…

In 2005, Kennedy published a splashy article in Rolling Stone and titled “Deadly Immunity.” He enumerated the supposed dangers of thimerosal, which by then was no longer widely used in vaccines other than the flu shot. Kennedy recently joined up with Robert De Niro, whose son is autistic, to head a news conference at the National Press Club to address the issue about the presence of Thimerosal in vaccines.

The claim is simply bad science, which we want to tie back to Simcha’s third “flag” attacking “The science is just plain bad”. Unfortunately, her attack on Sound Choice’s research without questioning the existing literature out there is just like hitting at the wrong bull’s eyes.

The response is as followed: “International studies have been performed focusing on Thimerosal (mercury) found in the vaccine’s buffer, and on the measles component of this vaccine. Studies that have been conducted have not found an association between mercury or the measles component of the MMR vaccine and autism.” However, no studies have ever looked at MMR, as one of several human fetal contaminated vaccines, and autism, other than the published studies from Sound Choice.  “The published conclusions, including a recent Washington Post story, have been that the MMR vaccine is therefore not linked to autism […]”  That is utterly absurd. “One cannot conclude from the studies that there is no link between this vaccine and autism. I find it fascinating, perplexing really, that such a broad conclusion” MMR vaccine is not linked to autism” has nevertheless been spread to the public, to the scientific community and to public officials. No well-designed studies, either retrospective or prospective, have been done to truly examine this potential link. No studies have been done to examine the link between vaccines containing human aborted fetal DNA and epidemic levels of diseases such as autism.”– Doctor Deisher, President of Sound Choice. (

And then there are ties among CDC-FDA-Pharma giants

To continue Doctor Deisher’s call for more analysis and scientific studies, one can ask why Sound Choice and other independent research institutes which investigate the safety and efficacy of vaccines still receive backlash and criticism? Why can’t we demand more research and open investigation from the CDC, FDA and pharmaceutical companies?

We have to acknowledge that here in the United States, pharmaceutical companies were able to successfully lobby the government to make sure that they cannot be held accountable to the law. ( Parents cannot sue the manufacturers if a vaccine manufacturer creates a defective or destructive vaccine that either harms or kills the child. Parents cannot hold that vaccine manufacturer responsible for failing to do what it is supposed to do. Today vaccine manufacturers are worth 24 billion dollars, and they are expected to be worth 61 billion dollars by the year 2020. ( It is no doubt that a huge profit-driven industry has been caught repeatedly falsifying data and lying to the people of this country for pure profit. Merck, for instance, one of the biggest vaccine companies, has two former scientists who turn out to be both CDC and Merck whistleblowers who exposed the fact that they failed to disclose that the Mumps vaccine was not as effective as Merck represented. ( These scientists also confessed how they used improper testing techniques, manipulated testing methodology, abandoned undesirable test results, falsified test results, etc. Clearly some vaccine manufacturers are corrupted and should be responsible for their misconduct, yet, in reality, they are protected by the government, the CDC, the FDA, etc. It is essentially a revolving door among big pharma executives and government officials. I do not think it is a coincidence that last year 2015, the pharmaceutical industry spent 215 million dollars on lobbying, campaigning and employing some 1400 lobbyists. Do you think that such expenditure has any impact on this vaccine case?


Similarly, one scientist who conducted a study on vaccine safety and efficacy had to hide the result away because other scientists were destroying documents after documents. He then leaked these findings on social media. ( The person to whom the quote is attributed, William W. Thompson, is one of the authors on that study. Thompson has since said that the study showed an increased risk for autism among African-American boys who received the MMR but that the study authors decided not to publish that information. Later on, the CDC prevented Dr. Thompson from testifying about this vaccine fraud  (  We need more whistleblowers like William W. Thompson at the CDC for some true accountability from the vaccine industry that has been shielded from the law since 1986. There is a reason why Japan banned MMR vaccine (; they observed that because of this vaccine, people were permanently handicapped, children were blinded or they lost control of their limbs.

 Talking about the FDA, the FDA oversees the importation of food product, vegetable, fish from all over the world. We can import vegetable, tomatoes, lettuce from farms from all over the world, but somehow we cannot import safer, ethical vaccines from Japan or other countries. At the end of the day, we are harming our children because we are not strong enough on the issue of vaccine safety.  No American parent should be embarrassed or afraid to be concerned about the safety and the efficacy of vaccines. We need a commissioner that would stand up against the pharmaceutical industry to protect the American people, especially the future generation that is the answer that makes America great again.



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