Ethical Vaccines

Can you spare $10 to see ethical vaccines produced for your children and grandchildren?

Many childhood vaccines are now manufactured using cell lines taken from electively aborted babies. With each vaccine, we are also injecting our children with residual contaminants from the aborted fetal cell lines used in the manufacturing : fragments of DNA and a retrovirus. Autism and other childhood neurodevelopmental diseases such as childhood onset schizophrenia, childhood bipolar disorder and intellectual disability have been associated with hundreds of de novo (new) mutations, most likely caused by the presence of these fragments of fetal DNA and retrovirus in our children’s vaccines.

Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute has the ingredients to manufacture an ethical alternative to the MMRII vaccine. Join our crusade to bring this vaccine to the clinic by donating even $10 and by telling 10 friends about this. Our goal is to reach 6 million moms and dads, grandparents, aunts and uncles.

With autism rates now at 1 in 50 it is time to stop using aborted fetal cell lines to manufacture childhood vaccines. Sound Choice vaccines will be free of human fetal contaminants, free of adjuvants like mercury or aluminum, and safe for our children and our consciences.

Tell 10 of your friends, and if they tell 10 of their friends, we can bring ethical vaccines to the clinic.

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