Cosmetics produced using aborted fetal cell lines and/or containing aborted fetal DNA, proteins, or cellular debris:

  • Bio-Gel (NeoCutis)
  • Journee (NeoCutis)
  • Bio-Serum Intensive Treatment (NeoCutis)
  • Bio-Restorative Skin Cream (NeoCutis)
  • Lumiere (NeoCutis)
  • Prevedem (NeoCutis)

Is this necessary? No.

Animal cell lines produce vaccines and biologics as economically and effectively as the aborted fetal cell lines. Rejuvenating anti-aging creams and cosmetic products are available produced using animal and non-fetal materials.

Is this safe? We don’t know.

Studies have not yet been done to determine the health consequences of injecting contaminating aborted fetal DNA and materials into our children, into our bodies, or into our skin. SCPI is doing those studies to protect your children and grandchildren.

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